Hello Pumpkin, It's been awhile...

Posted by Lori Ratzke on

I can't believe I haven't touched Crafts You Cut since March!  

In my defense, I've had a lot going on.  My daughter graduated from high school, had hip surgery and then headed off to college in the fall.  Somewhere in there, we worked in a graduation party, softball season and the usual summer activities with all three of my kids.

It's not that I haven't been creating.  I have.  I worked in the margins of life to create a ton of cut files.  Creating and preparing them for sale are two different things.  It's easy to create the file.  It's another thing to clean up the design, test it out, create the previews, bundle up the file and add to the website.  I add to both Etsy and Crafts You Cut so there's a lot of busy work involved.

I promised you weekly freebies and I decided between working full-time and taking care of my family as a single parent, I can't keep up with that. So, I'm going to offer an occasional freebie.  Maybe once I get into a rhythm, I can offer a weekly freebie, but for now I'm doing good just to get some designs on the site.

I hope you'll check out the huge number of new files I've added here to the shop.  I've worked hard on bringing them to you.  I love creating.  I get to use these designs in my own creations.  It's a bonus when someone buys my designs and I very much appreciate each and every sale!  Thank you for your continued support of my site!



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